Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Most Important Characters!

In the book A Stolen Life, the two most important characters are Jaycee Dugard herself, and her captor, Phillip Garrido. Jaycee was only an eleven year old child in the beginning of the book. She had brownish-blonde hair with bangs, and was still just a young girl, so she wasn't very tall. Jaycee was a very happy girl, and she never really asked for much. She was grateful for what she had. Throughout the story, the audience begins to get to know her better, and can realize that Jaycee was and still is a very loving soul. She is strong and independent, and will never give up. Even if there is little hope. Now, on the other hand, Jaycee's captor, Philip Garrido was, and is a sick-minded man. He had light blue eyes, thinning hair, a long nose, and a bronze skin color. He was a criminal even before he had taken Jaycee. Not only that, Philip was a sex offender. He was an older man, and he was a constant drug user, therefore he always heard voices, which in all gives the idea that he was just completely insane. Yet, Philip was a sad soul. It seemed as though all he ever really wanted was a family, so he went out and brought back Jaycee to create a "pretend" family. What a sick man! But perhaps at the same time, he was a bit of a caring person. But nonetheless, he was still a bad person for the crimes he committed, and for the life he had taken away from poor innocent Jaycee.

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