Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Chapter of the Book!

In my opinion the best chapter of the book would have to be the one titled "Pretending to Be a Family." I believe this is the best part of the book because for a moment, only a short moment, it really does seem as if Phillip got what he wanted. And what he wanted so badly was to make a family. In this chapter, it explains all the things they do such as watching fireworks together, going to the beach together, and even going shopping together. But the ironic and sad part about it is that, they never really were a family. Nancy and Philip were just these sick minded people who needed to get a life of there own, but somehow they couldn't. So instead they took Jaycee's life away from her, and turned into their own little fantasy world. And this interested me so much because it makes me question, what is going on with humanity? People are so scary sometimes.

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