Sunday, November 27, 2011


            A Stolen Life is a sad, yet amazing story about a young girl who is kidnapped at the age of eleven. The girl, named Jaycee Lee Dugard, was just an ordinary girl, who lived an ordinary life until one day; she was kidnapped by a man with the name Phillip Garrido. That was the moment where everything changed for her. Throughout the book, Jaycee relives every moment she spent in that hell-hole where her kidnapper Phillip had kept her. She explains the cruel and unusual things that Phillip had put her through. And the way he and his wife Nancy manipulated Jaycee into thinking that she was now a part of their lives forever. Jaycee was held captive for eighteen unbearable years, and never once did she lose all hope. Jaycee had birthed two children, both whom were also children to her rapist, Phillip. Even so, Jaycee loved them unconditionally, even if they did not know she was their true mother.  
            In the story, Jaycee placed journal entries, which gave a glimpse of what she was feeling while she was being held captive. And throughout these entries, the audience should be able to tell that she was confused, scared, alone, tired, weak, etc. Jaycee tries to bring her audience that sense of feeling that she had experienced to make the book much more realistic, because it isn’t every day that something like this happens. Not only does she put journal entries, but she also does reflections sometimes throughout chapters. These reflections give the audience the feelings that stir up when Jaycee recalls certain memories that she has. And these reflections definitely add on to the audience’s understanding of some situations. Therefore, they are quite helpful.

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