Thursday, November 17, 2011

Discussing the author...

                                                            Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard was never an author before, this is her first book. She was just a young girl, who was stolen by a sick-minded man by the name of Philip Garrido, at the age of 11. The book she has written is just an autobiography about the life she had to endure for the 18 years she was held captive in Philip's backyard. Jaycee, in my opinion, is a strong and very independent woman, and her story really is amazing. Being able to stay sane for 18 years in the backyard of a child-molester's house as a captive, is not something just anyone can accomplish, but only someone who will fight to the end. And just to be able to re-live it by creating this memoir is just incredible. If I were to be in her shoes, I would most likely already have gone insane, and I would never speak of the situation again. Therefore, I give her book a lot of credit, and her as a an author. And even though this may be her first book, it has gotten quite the amount of attention. Along with Jaycee herself. She has done many interviews about her story, and wishes for all to soon know about it. So that if perhaps someone was to be in the position she once was in, that person would have some sense of hope and maybe they too,will keep fighting.

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