Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Important Places In the Story!

First of all, in my opinion, the most important place of all, is the bus-stop where Phillip had stolen Jaycee. Why is this? Well, because it was the place where everything began. And if Jaycee wasn't there at that time and in that place, none of the events would have occurred, and Jaycee would have lived a normal life. But since she was there, it was the place where Phillip pulled over in his car, grabbed Jaycee, shocked her with a taser gun, and brought her into his car. And from there on, he drove to the second key important place in the story, his home.
As they arrived at his home, he brought Jaycee into a part of his backyard that he described as "the studio," it was dark at first, and was a very small room, with little lighting due to the fact that there were towels to cover the windows. It had two heavy-looking tables in two corners of the room which had carpet on the legs, both which had equipment used for making music on top. The walls are made up of some sort of wood. This is the place where Jaycee is forced to stay and it is also the place where Jaycee is first raped. As sickening as that may sound, it is the truth, and it is a place that Jaycee will not forget. From that moment, it also becomes her home, where she will spend the majority of the time until Phillip brings her to another part of the yard called "next door." But that's for the audience to read about.

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