Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why CJ Omololu Writes

Omololu's Reason To Write:
CJ Omololu basically states that she writes because it is the only thing she is good at doing. She explains that she began writing "totally on accident" and that she was mainly a reader before she became a writer. Omololu states that she had tried writing children's books once before, and that it wasn't completely awful. So from there, she began writing for audiences such as teens and adults, because she can recreate a "thrilling and terrifying" time in life. Omololu also explained that she uses an outline process when writing based on Blake Snyder's process in Save The Cat. Omololu believes that in order to write you need to be aware of the audiences out in the world today because depending on their interests, they will either pass your writing up or actually take an interest in it.
Link: Why I Write: CJ Omololu
My Reaction:
The way Omololu writes her essay is pretty simple. She just explains simply and responds to the question pretty simply, but she does get her point across. There really wasn't much of a specific type of style that she wrote in. Mainly what stood out the most to me was her content and how she included memories and her thoughts on writing and why people should. Overall, it was entertaining to read because she was really down to earth with it. She didn't dress up her words and kept it simple and sweet.

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